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Multi-day, luxury events are one of our specialities and Challenge Rally California proved to be one of the highlights for owners of exotic vehicles from the Western United States. Based in and around the Sierra Nevada mountains, this event covered more than 900 miles of driving some of the most spectacular back roads and byways that this country has to offer.

Along the way we sprinkled in a number of specialty driving tests, called special stages, at venues which we specifically prepared for the purpose. During these tests, drivers were required to record the fastest time, measured to an accuracy of 100th of a second, within a carefully controlled environment.

There is nothing like the camaraderie of these events, when people get together to drive some of these beautiful roads and are able to relax and unwind over a first-class dinner and drinks at a five star overnight resort.

The Event Designs Company handled every element of the event, from a logistical and operational perspective. These events represent some of the most complex and challenging for the organizing team, in order to ensure that everything goes along smoothly.


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