rally of mexico


The World Rally Championship has always been the pinnacle in the rally race world. It’s a place where major automobile manufacturers come together to showcase the performance and durability of their cars and the series visits many diverse countries all around the world. Each event in the championship is grueling in its own right, lasts for 3 to 4 days and stretches for almost 1000 km.

Interested in becoming a qualifying round of this Championship, the organizers of Mexico’s leading rally race event approached The Event Designs Company for guidance and event support in a concerted effort for inclusion. We were delighted to provide key personnel and logistical support, to arrange meetings with leading officials from the governing body and world championship organizational team. We were also delighted to travel with a delegation from Mexico to qualifying world championship rally race events in a number of European locations, as part of the educational and networking process.

Subsequently, we were delighted when the organizers of the premier championship included the Rally of Mexico as a qualifying event and the event has since received universal popular acclaim.