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Two-day arrive-and-drive adventure

in the Napa Valley area

Marvelous and hidden backroads

- and more!

WHAT: An inclusive arrive-and-drive adventure featuring a predesigned itinerary, bespoke app, and route of more than 200 miles!

WHERE: Starts and finishes in Napa Valley, CA and features an exciting drive through the surrounding hills and lakeland terrain

WHO: You and some good friends or family in a group of at least three cars (with at least six people)

WHY: To celebrate something special (like a keynote birthday, anniversary, or promotion) in a very different and memorable way!

WHEN: Three nights hotel and two days of driving, starting on a Friday, with dates available through the summer and fall

HOW DO I BOOK? Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and send it back, and you'll get a reply within 48 hours

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Executive Club NAPA ADVENTURE – Your Itinerary

Meet the organizers of your Napa Adventure in the luxury Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn Resort.


Enjoy our cocktail reception while we introduce you to the activities ahead.


You'll be able to download our purpose-made app to your smartphone, and we'll explain how everything works.


The rest of the evening is free for your dinner plans. We'll be delighted to help you choose a venue, but we recommend advance bookings just to be safe.

Friday Night Arrivals

Saturday's Day One Adventure

After a relaxing night at the Fairmont Hotel, we'll meet you for breakfast in the cozy Sante restaurant to review any last-minute details.


If you've chosen to hire some exotic cars from our exotic rental car partner, these will be ready and waiting for you outside.

Next, we'll oversee your departure as you head out for an exhilarating and exciting day of driving in the nearby hills. You can set off together in one group or individually, depending on your preference.

We have perhaps more experience than any other event organiser when it comes to driving events in this part of California. We’ve used this knowledge to design an intriguing, challenging and fun route which we are sure you’ll enjoy.

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Continue Your Adventure

Simply follow the turn-by-turn directions as they appear on your app. You'll notice that there are helpful instructions with reference to road signs or other items as needed.


Remember, there's no rush, as you don't have to reach a certain point at a given time. Instead, enjoy the driving, the views along the way and the camaraderie.

Occasionally, you may notice a pop-up note on the app's screen. This text may ask you a cryptic question; the objective is to find the answer somewhere between that point and the next major junction. You'll be looking for a building, object, sign or something similar that should give you the answer to this fun question. When you see it, tap the details in the chat box and return it to us.

One of our representatives will be waiting for you when you arrive at your lunch destination. Reunite with your other group members to dig into a fantastic lunch at this premium venue, often with sprawling views of the neighbouring scenery.

After lunch, set off for the rest of your day's adventure by following the app instructions and enjoying the experience.

When you arrive back at the Fairmont, the rest of the evening is free. You may choose to book an evening meal at a great venue (your choice), where you can share some tales from your day on the open road.

Sunday's Day Two Adventure

After a refreshing night at the Fairmont, another exciting day of driving awaits. Again, we will meet you at or after your group breakfast for last-minute checks or to answer any questions.

Then, you'll head out to discover even more outstanding twisty back roads. Today, you'll enjoy lunch in a local winery for a true taste of Napa. You'll get a bottle of the winery's best as a souvenir!

At the conclusion of your driving adventure, we will be delighted to welcome you back to the Fairmont Mission Inn. If you've hired cars from our exotic rental car partner, a representative will be in attendance to return the vehicles, and you'll be free to enjoy your evening ahead.

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Monday Departures

We will reconvene with you at or after breakfast in the morning to say our goodbyes.


We’ll also be delighted to see you on another Rallyrace Executive Club Adventure very soon. Perhaps Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Palm Springs, the Pacific Northwest or even New England?


More fabulous adventures await.

Use This State-of-the-Art App!

Our Executive Club events use a top-rated, one-of-a-kind Navigational App! The second person in each car will call out directions as they follow the pre-planned route, which will appear as you drive. There'll be secret checkpoints and cryptic questions to answer along the way as well.

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Turn Out in Style!

Why not rent some cars from our exotic rental car partner, and REALLY enjoy your Executive Club Adventure in true style?

What's Included in Your Adventure?

When you sign up for the NAPA ADVENTURE, you'll get:

  • Two day driving adventure

  • Three nights accommodation in a premium, luxury hotel

  • Welcome cocktail reception on arrival

  • Three breakfasts

  • Two group lunches in a great rural location

  • A pre-arranged, meticulously planned route, with around 200 miles of driving each day over scenic, twisty backroads

  • Driving instructions contained within a one-of-a-kind, purpose-made app that you upload to your smartphone (iOS or Android)

  • Secret checks, cryptic questions and other features to make your drive even more interesting

  • Representatives from Rallyrace in attendance throughout to organise and manage your adventure

What's the Entry Fee?

Prices start from just $4,250 per person (minimum two people in each car). Single rooms are available at a supplement. The actual rate may vary depending on the chosen date and we will be delighted to get back to you with details when we receive your completed form. If you have any questions, please call us directly on (201) 308 5834.

Rallyrace Ltd reserves the right to change any of the information contained on these webpages or amend any of the venues or features of the event without notice. Participation is subject to your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Let's Get This Adventure Started!

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Get in Touch With Us By Clicking Below and Filling in the Form. Send it Through to Us and We Will Get Back to You in Less Than 48 Hours!

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