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Over the years we have been delighted to design and stage a huge variety of spectacular events in all corners of the world. These are just a few examples to whet your appetite. Why not get in touch with us now, to see how we can use our four decades of experience to create some magic for your next event?



Design a multi-day lifestyle adventure for 30 drivers and passengers, clients of Ferrari Greater China.

  • Locate, negotiate and contract a variety of different venues including five-star hotels and gourmet restaurants.

  • Discover, drive and catalogue the best twisty and scenic roads in the region.

  • Create, design and publish a commemorative route book to the highest standard.

  • Discover, negotiate and contract with private venues to stage driving autotests.

  • Provide specialist manpower to support the event.

  • Handle hotel bookings and administer the rooming list with each hotel.

  • Design, stage and manage all individual meal functions.

  • Supervise entire event from start to finish.

  • Provide all support teams, translators and administrators.

San Francisco.jpg


Create spectacular event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in the United States

  • Conduct extensive negotiations with the Golden Gate Bridge Authority to close the southbound span of the iconic bridge for a parade of 50 Ferraris.

  • Liaise with multiple local authorities to gain permission and make alternative arrangements for other traffic.

  • Work with California Highway Patrol to create a rolling roadblock on US101 South.

  • Marshal all parade cars at a carefully chosen remote venue.

  • Gather cars in convoy with pinpoint timing precision.

  • Stage photoshoot opportunity for photographers stationed on the bridge.

  • Liaise with local aviation authorities to gain permission for aerial helicopter footage of the scene.

  • Finish the event at St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco for a gourmet lunch.



Design spectacular driving event for regional customers of Lamborghini in Oman.

  • Working in concert with another agency, design a multi-day driving event to showcase the most scenic and interesting destinations in the Sultanate of Oman.

  • Locate and gain authorisation to run specialist driving tests at a private venue.

  • Provide all specialist manpower.

  • Take into account all local customs, regulations and relevant rules.

leon guanajuato.jpg


Consultancy services to help promote Corona Rally Mexico into the World Rally Championship

  • Provide advice about calendars, routes, schedules, infrastructure, budgets, safety, publicity and promotion.

  • Introduce the event organisers to key championship organisers.

  • Organise and facilitate discovery trips to other qualifying events.

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