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EXECUTIVE CLUB | Frequently Asked Questions

How much organisational experience do you have?

Rallyrace is celebrating its 40th anniversary, during which we have organised dozens of high-profile and complicated automotive events around the world. As such, we firmly believe that we are certainly among the most experienced organisers of this type of driving tour. We strive for perfection and will do everything we can to make your experience enjoyable and memorable.

Where will the driving routes take us?

We have been organising driving tours in these specific areas for decades with great success and for some of the world’s most prestigious clients, like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. We believe this gives us a great insight into the very best available “twisties” and scenic roads, and we incorporate this experience and knowledge into each event. So we don’t simply choose a direct route from point to point but will guide you through some of the most exciting roads along the way.

What are the minimum number of participants?

The minimum number of vehicles is three, each with a minimum of two occupants (driver and navigator). We can cater for up to 10 vehicles (20 people) with this format. However, if you have just one or perhaps two vehicles in mind, we may be able to help and advise you to get in touch for a quotation.

Is the event covered by insurance?

We maintain event-related public liability insurance. You will, of course, need the appropriate insurance as required by the state to cover your vehicle during the event.

Do I have to drive the route in a certain amount of time?

We do not expect you to arrive at any given point at an allocated time. Instead, we want you to enjoy the drive in safety and with full regard to road laws and rules. Therefore, we will give you a window of time to arrive at the lunch halt and an estimated time for you to arrive back at the hotel at the end of the day. The proprietor of the lunch venue will expect you within that window and be ready to serve you and your group a great lunch to give you energy for the afternoon drive!

Can we hire some exotic cars for these events?

Certainly! We believe that you'd have even more fun with your group in a squad of supercars! Please get in touch with our exotic car rental partner for further information.

How much notice do I have to give you when booking one of these events?

We ask you to kindly give us a minimum of 28 days' notice prior to your target weekend. Once we receive your request, we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm availability.

Is it possible to book an event within less than 28 days?

If you have a very special reason for wanting to book an event at short notice, we’ll be delighted to take a look at that. However, we cannot guarantee availability, but if we are able to help, we'll be delighted to give you a quote.

Can you create an event just for us using a different city and driving area?

Yes, we can certainly help you with this. But, of course, we will need a longer lead time and will be delighted to quote you, once you give us your ideas.

Do there have to be two people in each car?

Due to safety restrictions, our navigational app will only work on a handheld device, not the in-car system. Therefore, you will need a second person (the navigator) to read instructions to the driver. We think this makes it more fun as well!

Can there be more than two people in each car?

Certainly, the number of people you have in your vehicle is up to you. However, there will be an additional charge for hotel accommodation and meals.

If I want a separate room for myself and my navigator, is this possible?

Yes, we will be delighted to book you two rooms, and this option will be available on the booking site.


What are the cryptic questions and clues?

Over the years, our participants have told us that they really enjoy these elements. As you drive, you’ll occasionally encounter a pop-up box in the app asking a specific cryptic question. You will both need to keep an eye out for a clue along the next section of the route, which will provide you with the answer. Once you have spotted it, you can then send the answer to us directly in the app. This is another element of fun for all participants.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details on this site. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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