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New for 2023, it's the Executive Club from Rallyrace, featuring special, pre-packaged weekend trips in 10 exciting locations around the country!

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Finally - a brand new way to celebrate!

When it's time for a celebration, and you're gathering friends together, wouldn't it be nice to do something different for a change? So, why not get together for an exclusive, prearranged driving adventure along with your best mates or loved ones? You could even hire some luxury, exotic cars to make this adventure all the more exciting, or bring your own vehicles. Either way, you'll have a weekend you'll never forget.

By the way, check out the answer to some frequently asked questions here.

What You'll Get

When you sign up for one of these trips, you'll get:

  • Two day driving adventure

  • Three nights accommodation in a premium, luxury hotel

  • Welcome cocktail reception on arrival

  • Three breakfasts

  • Two group lunches in a great rural location

  • A pre-planned route featuring approximately 200 miles of driving each day over scenic, twisty backroads

  • Driving instructions contained within a one-of-a-kind, purpose-made app that you upload to your smartphone (iOS or Android)

  • Secret checks, cryptic questions and other features to make your drive even more interesting

  • Representatives from Rallyrace in attendance throughout to organise and manage your adventure

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Why Not Hire an Exotic Car?

We're working with one of the country's leading exotic car rental companies. They'll provide you with special rates if you want to hire a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or similar to make this trip REALLY special. And the company can deliver the vehicles to the host hotel and collect them after you've finished. Or simply turn up in your own vehicles; it's your choice.

Where Can You Go?

Sign up for one of these Executive Club events.


You can choose from one of 10 cities, including:

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Napa Valley, CA

  • Tahoe, CA

  • Palm Springs, CA

  • Portland, OR,

  • Austin, TX,

  • Asheville, NC,

  • Washington DC

  • upstate New York

(and coming in 2024: Marbella and Barcelona, Spain and Monaco, Monte Carlo)!

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Use This State-of-the-Art App!

Our Executive Club events use a top-rated, one-of-a-kind Navigational App! The second person in each car will call out directions as they follow the pre-planned route, which will appear as you drive. There'll be secret checkpoints and cryptic questions to answer along the way as well.

The Detail

The minimum number of vehicles on each Executive Club event is three, and prices will vary by event and the number of participants. Hire vehicles separately from the exotic car rental company if you require. And you can choose your weekend dates, subject to a minimum of 28 days advance notice.

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Let's Get This Adventure Started!

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Get in Touch With Us By Clicking Below and Filling in the Form. Send it Through to Us and We Will Get Back to You in Less Than 48 Hours!

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